Illipe Butter Shampoo Wash Bar

Illipe Butter Shampoo Wash Bar


An Awesome Blend Of 3 Butters And Oils All Combined in  One Bar.. This Bar will Nourish and Condition Scalp and Hair, and will Leave Hair Soft and Manageable with an Added Shine. It has a Creamy Lather that will Help with Lay During a Wash and Style! 

No, Sulfates, Parabens, Petroleum...


Contains: Illipe Nut Butter, Murumuru  Butter, HempSeed Butter, Macadamia Oil, Black Seed Oil, Moronga Oil, Peach Kernel Oil, Vegetable Glycerine and Fragrance


Disclaimer: Our products contain oils and butters from natural nuts, seeds and fruits. If you have any allergies please read the product label carefully.


Ingredients Benefits:

Illipe nut butter - soothes and hydrates the scalp and hair because it’s high in Vitamin A and E. Helps to stimulate the production of healthy sebum and shield the hair and scalp from drying out 

Murumuru  Butter - keeps your hair shiny and healthy because it helps to lock in moisture as well as softens the hair. 

HempSeed Butter -  best for faster, thicker and longer hair growth. It contains fatty acids, including Omega 3, 6, and 9. They help to stimulate hairgrowth. 

Macadamia  oil - helps to calm frizz, tangles and dullness. 

Black Seed Oil - great for soothing scalp conditions such as inflammation, flakiness and sensitivity. 

Moronga oil - has the ability to deliver moisture to the scalp, which helps to prevent dryness and deeply nourishes hair.

Peach Kernel oil -  very light oil that protects hair from environmental conditions such as sun, wind, rain and pollution.